Corporate Bookings

We offer venue rental, expert advice and catering for Corporate away days! Why do a corporate event at Playopolis?

Unique – How many away days end up being the same mix of a physical activity and some rounds down the pub after? Board gaming corporate days offer something that your company has never experienced before, and you may even create a few converts to the hobby!

Fun and Simple – Games are meant to be enjoyable! We can recommend the right games for the type and size of your company, and we can help ensure that even people who’ve never even rolled a dice in their life can quickly learn, enjoy and win and many of the major games in our library.

Accessible – Unlike many other options for company away days, a day of board gaming doesn’t exclude anyone with physical disabilities from joining in the fun with easy disabled access to the main, upstairs cafe.

Social – How often do large team away days just result in people hanging out with the same people they sit next to in the office? Board games make it much easier for groups to mingle and for people to interact and have fun without awkwardness or drinking (Though drinking and board games is a great combination…)

Team Building – There are few things that require co-ordination and teamwork than the best board games. We can introduce you to games that require communication, planning and trust, while still actually being fun to play.

Great Value – We offer very competitive rates, a large amount of flexibility for different companies and a great way to entertain even larger companies without having to spend the entire entertainment budget for the year!

Venue Rental (Mondays)

We offer the entire Playopolis venue on Mondays, between 10AM and 9PM, when the cafe is closed to regular customers. Playopolis fits a maximum of 60 maximum across two floors, not including our garden area. If you’re interested in booking any of the packages below, or have other questions, please drop us an email to arrange. Additional extras, such as starting before 10AM or special drink and food requests may be possible, so don’t be afraid to talk to us about what you’re looking for!

Gold Catering Package: Perfect for medium-large companies, we’ll fully staff and run the cafe just for your team. We’ll provide help and advice on games and rules whenever required and provide a dedicated staff member for both and drinks and food (lunch, dinner or both). Meals must be booked in advanced! Prices from: £1,800 for venue and staffing, food dependent on options and size of group – get in touch!

Drinks and Guide Package: Along with access to the venue and the library, we’ll provide an expert staff member for the day, who can help you pick games, understand rules and serve you a range of soft drinks, snacks, alcohol and cocktails. There is no hot food included in this package, but you are welcome to leave for lunch, or bring your own food.  Prices from: £900 exc. drinks – £16 per head at maximum capacity!

Venue Only Package: Our basic package includes access to the venue and the library. We can suggest some games via email or Skype chat, and the rest of the organisation is entirely up to you. There is no access at all to the kitchen in this package, but you are free to leave the venue for lunch, or to bring your own food and drinks, including alcoholic drinks. Prices from: £650, +£250 returnable security deposit – £10 per head at maximum capacity!

Basement Rental (Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

This is a great value offer for smaller companies. Our basement is a fully closed off area ideal for groups of up to 30. You would be sharing the library and facilities with regular customers from 1PM onwards.

Premium Rental: We’ll dedicate an extra, expert staff member to your group for the entire day. They’ll help you pick games, be available for help and rule explanations and any more recommendations throughout your stay. They’ll be dedicated to drink and food orders specifically for you group. Price: £450 (10AM to 6pm) £550 (10AM-9PM)

Standard Rental: We’ll greet your team, introduce our library and help suggest some initial games for you, and then it’s up to you what and how to play. You’ll be able to purchase food and drink from our regular menu throughout the day and are welcome to leave for lunch. Price: £250 (10AM-6PM), £350 (10AM-9PM).


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