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Eat, Drink, Play and Socialise

Enjoy access to over 700 board, card and party games, with knowledgeable staff, great food and drink and a relaxing, friendly atmosphere.

Step 1: Drop In

Head to Playopolis and you’ll be greeted by one of our team members who will introduce you to the café and find you a table in one of our three main areas. There’s a cover charge of £3.50 per adult and £2.00 per child, but you settle the bill at the end of your visit. The cover charge rises to £5.00 if you choose not to eat or drink

Step 2: Play Some Games

We have over 700 board, party and family games in our library for you to enjoy. Our library is designed to cater to everyone from hardcore gamers to people who’ve never picked up a board game before. If you can’t decide what to play, our interactive system can help find your perfect new game, and our team are always happy to help.

Step 3: Play, Eat and Drink

Your cover charge lasts for four hours and you can play as many games as you want in that time. While you play, we offer a selection of hot food, amazing cakes and a wide array of drinks, including a range of craft beer and cider directly from local Kent suppliers. We now sell milkshakes, pizzas and mac and ramen as part of our regular menu!

Step 4: Come Back

Our library is constantly evolving with new games and we run special offers and events regularly, so there’s always a reason to return.

If you plan to become a regular, we have an excellent value membership offer that will allow you to skip the cover charge and save up to 15% on all your food and drink!

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