The Cafe

The Main Room

The bright and spacious main area of Playopolis is the first room you’ll see, and is perfect for casual visitors and families.

The Library Room

Our Library room is packed with games, as well as our game discovery tablet. We organise our games roughly by type, with the kids and family games on one side, hardcore games on the other and a special shelf for party games, so it’s quick and easy to find exactly what you want, as well as spending time for a longer browse.

The Basement

Our basement area is for older gamers (14+) only, and split into two rooms and is a cosy environment perfect for adults and longer gaming sessions with larger groups. All our basement tables are equipped with a special button you can press to call down a team member instead of having to walk up and down the stairs.

The Garden

Our cosy garden area features two large tables and sofas, and is perfect for casual and party games on a nice sunny day. Our Garden area closes at 9pm due to licencing laws.

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